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Electronics Gas Analysis

  • Trace Impurities in Hydride Gases

  • Trace Impurities in Fluoride Gases

  • Trace Impurities Chloride Gases

  • Trace Impurities in High Purity Halocarbon Gases

  • Semiconductor Gas Blends

  • Laser Gas Blends

Specialty Sampling

  • Low Pressure and Vacuum Sampling

  • High Pressure Sampling

  • Automated Stream Selection

  • Specialty  Gas Autosamplers

  • Heated Cylinder Gas Autosamplers

  • On-line Sampling


Petroleum and Petrochemicals

  • Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids
    (including early regroup and extended analyses)

  • Refinery Gas and Refinery Gas Liquids
    (including rapid refinery gas analysis)

  • Simulated Distillations

  • Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis

  • High Purity Ethylene and Propylene

  • Trace CO and CO2

  • Acid and Sulfur Gases

  • Trace Sulfur Speciation

Specialty Gas

  • Permanent Gases

  • Rapid Synthesis Gas Analysis

  • Medical Gases

  • Trace Impurities in High Purity Gases

  • Reference Gases and Reference Gas-Liquids Standards

  • Hydrogen Generation and Fuel Cell Analysis

  • Beverage Grade CO2 Analysis

  • Halocarbon Gases and Liquids

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