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Custom Solutions Group was formed in April 2004 to provide U.S.-based gas chromatographers with the highest quality, customized solutions in gas chromatography. Since then, CSG operations have expanded to include clients all over the world. In conjunction with Agilent, Custom Solutions Group designs, builds, and commissions new and used gas chromatographs, customized to meet the needs and the specific analytical challenges of scientists, chemists, engineers, and technicians in a variety of industries, including: petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, industrial gas, specialty gas, specialty chemical, semi-conductor and electronics gas, catalysis, biofuels, and research industries.


Custom Solutions Group develops working methods for a variety of industry standards, including ASTM, GPA, UOP, and ISO methods. We provide customized on-site and off-site training in basic gas chromatography, GC troubleshooting and maintenance, GC valving and system design, and advanced gas chromatography. We also provide on-site analytical troubleshooting and repair. Because we re-build and re-commission used GC’s, the useful service life of older assets can be greatly extended for pennies-on-the-dollar. Also, because we are highly proficient in a variety of chromatography hardware and software, we are able to adapt to any lab environment.


Custom Solutions Group combines decades of experience in customized gas chromatography. CSG is Made-in-the-U.S.A. on the U.S. Gulf Coast, and because CSG operations heavily emphasize continuous quality improvement and lean manufacturing, CSG can provide fast, flexible solutions at the highest value in the least amount of time, saving time and money for inexperienced, understaffed, and overburdened laboratories. For more information, contact us at or call CSG Sales at 281-574-9999. We hope to serve you.

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